A recent study found that 92% of respondents were anxious about job interviews.  The key to overcoming this anxiety is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Our Interview Coaching programs are designed to prepare you to face your fears and sell yourself as the great candidate we know you are.


 Interview Coaching

You have a great résumé, and you keep getting shortlisted for interview, but you can’t seem to close the deal. If the idea of sitting across from an interview panel gives you butterflies, or you are not sure why you keep getting overlooked, it is time to get some professional Interview Coaching.

Our one to one Interview Coaching program gives you the skills to prepare for each job interview and tips to make sure you stand out from the crowd. We explore the types of questions you may face and help you to formulate answers that will sell you at your best. From what to ask, how to dress and what to bring, to mock interviewing and guidance on how to address the more tricky situations, we ensure you have all the tools to land your next role.

Programs for choose from:

  • One to One Interview Coaching Program
  • Resume and Interview Coaching Package
  • Online Interview Coaching Course

All our programs are outlined in a little more detail below. Still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to send us an email info@strawberryseed.com.au or call us on (03) 4216 5200.

Navigating job interviews can be a minefield. Being brave during a job interview can be the difference between standing out or bombing out.

Online Interview Coaching Course

For some people, the fear of a job interview can be overwhelming with most job applicants experiencing at least some level of anxiety prior and during interviews. Strawberry Seed has developed an online course called “Interview Coach” to help you sail through your next interview.

Interview Coach is a web based course designed to give you the skills to prepare and perform at your next interview with confidence. Subscribe to the course and learn at your pace, in the comfort of your home. Discover the features of this detailed online course, click on the button below.

Interview Coach Course Features

Coaching Program

$ 220 inc. GST

Per program
This one to one Interview Coaching program offers guidance and knowledge personalised for you.
While we customise the program to meet your specific needs, this program includes:
  • One hour meeting (either in person or via video)
  • What to expect and how to shine at every step
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Behavioural interview techniques
  • Mock interview questioning
  • Feedback on your interview responses

If you are interested in learning more about our Interview Coaching program, please email info@strawberryseed.com.au or call (03) 4216 5200.

Online Interview Coaching CourseMost Popular

$ 55 inc. GST

60 day access
Discover the extensive array of helpful information our Online Interview Coach Course will give you for your next job interview.
  • Real advice and real examples from a real person on how to prepare and excel at interviews.
  • What to expect at interviews and how to shine at every step.
  • How to approach the different types of interview questions including behavioural interview questions and unusual questions.
  • The ability to practice and record your responses to real questions to assist in honing your answers and interviewing skills.
  • How to research your potential employer beyond their website.
  • What questions you should be asking at interview.
  • How to make sure you stand out from other applicants every step of the way.
  • How to negotiate a job offer.
  • Developed in Australia, for the Australian job market.
Subscribe to Interview Coach Course

Resume & Interview Program

$ 450 inc. GST

Per program
This package combines our Professional Resume and Interviewing Coaching Programs, providing you with a saving of $100.
With the option of combining them into one 2 hour session, or 2 separate appointments, you have the flexibility to get all the professional help you need to land your next role.

For more information on our Professional Resume Program please visit this page.

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