The Strawberry Seed story...

We are passionate professionals who put people first.
We are big believers in keeping things basic.
We are flexible, transparent and love what we do.

Brief history.

After 15 years working in the corporate world as a Human Resources professional, Carli decided to turn her passion for supporting small businesses into reality. She wasted no time in stepping out and set up Strawberry Seed Consulting to fulfil her dream of making a real difference in HR.

Since 2013, Carli has worked with countless small business owners, watching them succeed and coaching them successfully through a variety of HR issues. Her enthusiasm, genuine love for people and down-to-earth approach have resulted in a business that is built on relationships and trust.

Big results.

Carli’s fresh approach to HR became quickly known and through countless word-of-mouth referrals the business grew fast. Surrounding herself with like-minded HR professionals, Carli now heads up a team of committed staff, each one displaying the same passion and desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

The foundation has remained the same. Built on excellence, transparency, flexibility and a genuine love to help people in all things HR, the dedicated team at Strawberry Seed Consulting continues to support and empower people giving professional advice to small business owners around the management of their people.

Why choose us?

We are different from most HR consultancies. We never use a scaremongering approach or lock business owners into lengthy contracts for no apparent reason − quite the opposite.

We are honest, transparent, supportive and we genuinely care for the people who come to us for professional advice. We enjoy working with small business owners who want to treat their employees fairly but also want set up their HR processes to successfully manage their people in a way that sustains their business. We speak to you in a language you understand, without the technical jargon.

A selection of our valued business clients