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Bambini Health

I reached out to Strawberry Seed after watching one of their very informative webinars. I was looking for assistance in hiring my first employee. I have found the whole process really smooth, informative and easy! Helen was lovely to meet with initially. Imelda has been fantastic at getting the documents to me as a priority (given a short turnaround time that I had!). Strawberry Seed has helped me set up my systems and provided me with the documentation I needed to start hiring. I would recommend Strawberry Seed because they have been responsive, knowledgeable, professional, warm and efficient. Thank you again to the whole team!

Elisa Alberici – Owner of Bambini Health in New South Wales.

Carli Saw

Author Carli Saw

Carli is a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience across a range of industries and a passion for supporting small business.

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