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3 reasons why you can’t find your dream job

By March 2, 2015November 15th, 2019Blog
Find your dream job

3 Reasons why you can’t hard to find your dream job

Are you frustrated with how long it is taking to find your dream job in your chosen field? When it comes to job search, not everyone finds the right job straight away. Here are 3 reasons you might be finding it tough to find your dream job.

1. You are not targeting your applications

Some professions find it easy to transfer their skills from one role to another. Others may be specific to a niche industry.  Start by making a list of the skills and knowledge you have. Then think about which will be relevant to the role you want. Breaking it down one by one can help you identify which skills or knowledge you can highlight to a potential employer to demonstrate that you can do that role.

Remember, recruiters are busy people with piles of CV’s to sort through. Make their job easy by clearly pointing out to them how you meet their criteria.

2. You have not done your research

Where are the jobs you are targeting going to be located? What are the hours that you would be required to work? Do you know what salary they are paying? Are these a match to your personal needs and circumstances?

I have seen clients go down a path of completing a degree only to find out that the jobs available to them are in another part of the country and they don’t want to move. So what do you do if you are targeting an ultra niche market?

In a very narrow market, the jobs may not always be advertised. It may be not what you know but who you know.  Networking is essential. Join industry or professional groups, online forums and LinkedIn. Contact people in your field and ask them if you can pick their brain about how to find jobs in that industry.  Look for opportunities to volunteer or do work experience. The more people you can meet in that industry, the higher your chances of finding an opportunity through word of mouth.

3. You are not being realistic

When a client complains to be that they can’t find their dream job, I start asking questions. Sometimes I find that they are very inflexible in regards to salary, hours or location. If you are looking for a position in a niche industry, you need to be realistic about where those jobs will be. For example, if you live in a regional area, you need to understand that the market for some jobs will be much narrower than in a large city.

If you can only work part time, or need to take public transport to work, you need to be honest with yourself regarding the opportunities that may be available. Consider what your personal restrictions are and compare them to the research you have completed.  Decide which are the priority so you can honestly assess if you are being realistic.

Don’t give up

Recognise that it may be a marathon and not a sprint to find your dream job. Just because it may be hard, doesn’t mean that persistence won’t pay off in the end.

Updated: November 2016

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