How can we help? We offer a free, no obligation one hour consultation to business owners to discuss your HR needs, assess what you already have in place and recommend workable solutions. View our HR Packages below.

Our services can be delivered to you in a way that suits your business and budget. We have a range of HR packages available as well as the option to quote as a once off project or a simple hourly rate. Below are two “Business Support” packages we have found are ideally suited to new and established small businesses.


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 Starting to Employ Package

It can be daunting when you decide to hire your first employee. Getting your head around your legal obligations and worrying about the risk you are taking on. Our Starting to Employ Package is designed to set you up with a solid foundation to engage not just your first employee, but continue to grow with the knowledge you are ticking all the boxes of a first class employer.

This package includes:

  • Advice on employment options and help to develop a job description for the new position.
  • Recommendations on wage levels based on a BOOT (Better Off Overall Test) against the appropriate Modern Award and market comparisons.
  • An Employment Contract suitable for your business and industry with documentation for onboarding an employee including a confidentiality agreement.
  • A HR Manual to meet the current needs of the business including OHS policies and corresponding forms.

 Business Support Package

Growing businesses often find themselves quickly moving from a Sole Trader to a busy employer. Often this means hiring people to meet the demands of the day without much thought to the systems and structures that can protect you (and your employees) and help you to manage your people longer term.

Our Business Support Package is designed to not just set you up with strong systems for the management of your staff, but also provide you with advice along the way, if and when you need it.

We sit down and assess where you are now and design and implement a HR system that will support you to manage your people and grow with you.

Business Support Package Includes:

  • Annual HR Audit – A comprehensive assessment of your HR requirements in line with your business plan.
  • Employment Contracts – Customised contract templates for the way you employ as well as other employment letters and documentation including Confidentiality Agreement, Bonus Agreements and template letters for promotion, transfer and termination.
  • Human Resources Policies, Checklists and Forms – We develop your HR Policy Manual to meet current business requirements including OHS policies and with basic forms to support the policies. We provide additional checklists and forms for other HR process such as recruitment and induction and new HR policies can be developed to meet changing business requirements. We also provide training for management and employees upon implementation.
  • Job Descriptions – Documenting current positions and the support to plan for new roles to meet your business needs.
  • Remuneration – Modern Award and/or market benchmarking for all current and future positions as well as advice and documentation on the implementation of incentive schemes.
  • Performance Reviews – We work with you to develop a Performance Review system that will work with your business. We also provide training for all employees and managers to ensure you get value form the process.
  • Ongoing HR Advice – From the coaching of managers through difficult employee situations to answering day to day people related queries, we are available via email, phone or onsite when you need it. We also provide updates on HR trends and cases and proactive advice on employment issues specifically related to your industry.

 Custom Packages

Strawberry Seed Consulting can customise a HR package to perfectly suit your needs. Or we can work with on a project by project basis with a quote supplied before the start of each project.

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