Online Job Interview Training Course

The fear of a job interview can be overwhelming with most job applicants experiencing at least some level of anxiety.

Interview Coach is an online job interview training course designed to give you the skills to prepare and perform at your next interview with confidence.

Interview Coach Features

Interview Coach includes many features which will help you create an aura of confidence. We have selected nine of the best features and highlighted them here.

Real Advice

Real advice and real examples from a real person with decades of industry experience. The Interview Coach program is online job interview training designed by Carli Saw, who has many years experience interviewing candidates for a variety of roles. Carli has seen the best of the best and witnessed just about everything you shouldn’t do in an interview. Using her vast knowledge, Interview Coach makes the interview process less stressful for the candidate.

What to expect in an Interview

There are many different types of job interviews you may be asked to attend. From formal panel interviews to a casual phone chat, there are different expectations depending on the format chosen. Knowing what to expect in each scenario, and how to approach the interview without making a fool of yourself, can put you at ease from the start. Our online job interview training program shows you how to shine at every step.

How to approach the varied questions

The program will give you tips and improve your ability to confidently approach the different types of interview questions. These questions include traditional interview questions, behavioural interview questions and the questions that come from left field. We give you the skills to prepare for the unexpected, so you can keep your cool and succeed where others might fail.

Record your responses and practise your answers

Interview coach has the ability to record, listen back to your answers and practice your responses to real questions. It is important to listen to how you answer the questions, to refine your responses and ultimately improve your interviewing skills. Remember “practice makes perfect”.

How to research your next employer

Researching your potential employer demonstrates your interest in the job and sets you up for success. We will give you tips on researching your potential employer beyond the first page of their website to ensure you stand out from the other candidates

Questions you should ask?

Remember this is a two-way street. The interviewer is interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them. The questions you ask can demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have thought about working for them and make you stand out from the pack. Interview coach will give you a list of questions you could ask in any interview and the know how to write your own based on your research.

How to negotiate a job offer!

Your interview has gone well, so well in fact you have been offered the job. What next? Do you need to accept exactly what they offer or can you negotiate? Interview Coach will give you tips on how you can negotiate your new job offer.

Australian job market

Why it is important to have an Australian product to learn from? For starters, the Australian job markets differs in many ways to that of the UK or the USA. If you have been searching for online job interview training, most information comes from overseas can can lead you down the wrong track. Interview Coach has been developed in Australia and written for the Australian job market by someone who has been working in it for 20 years.


Interview Coach has been designed to work seamlessly on computers, laptops and tablets. Because Interview Coach is an online job interview training course, it is delivered with cloud based software. As long as you have the internet you will be able to access your course anytime, anywhere.

For just $55, take the next step in your career and discover how to excel at your next job interview.