One of our popular HR services is to develop and deliver customised in-house Leadership Training for our clients. However, we realise that not all small businesses are large enough to have a session independently.

Our Leadership Training Workshop is designed to bring together people managers from the small business community to share their experiences and develop their knowledge and skills to be better leaders.

The purpose of this workshop is to ensure leaders get the most out of their people, improve productivity and reduce risk to the organisation. Our sessions include:

  1. Setting clear expectations and boundaries for your staff
  2. Providing direction and holding employees accountable
  3. Managing workloads for employees and yourself
  4. Delegation
  5. Managing diverse teams
  6. Providing effective, appropriate feedback to your staff
  7. Confronting difficult employee behaviour
  8. Resolving conflicts
  9. Navigating the disciplinary process
  10. Understanding the risks under Australian Employment Laws in 2022

We are now offering new sessions and bringing our Workshop to our clients in states across Australia.

Next Available Brisbane Course

Saturday 3rd September 2022 

What previous attendees had to say!

“I found the way the content was collated and presented most useful and easy to understand.”

“I loved getting new Ideas for team activities, and insight into how to negotiate challenges within teams and individuals.”

“I did enjoy the discussions when there were relevant to the whole group.  The activities were also relevant and meaningful. I liked the case studies and engaging with other participants.”