Leadership Training Workshops 2024

One of our popular HR services is developing and delivering customised in-house leadership training for our clients. However, we realise that not all small businesses are large enough to have a session independently.

Our Leadership Training Workshop is designed to bring together people managers from the small business community to share their experiences and develop their knowledge and skills to be better leaders.

This workshop aims to ensure leaders get the most out of their people, improve productivity and reduce organisational risk.

Our sessions include:

  1. Setting clear expectations and boundaries for your staff
  2. Providing direction and holding employees accountable
  3. Managing workloads for employees and yourself
  4. Delegation
  5. Managing diverse teams
  6. Providing effective, appropriate feedback to your staff
  7. Confronting difficult employee behaviour
  8. Resolving conflicts
  9. Navigating the disciplinary process
  10. Understanding the risks under Australian Employment Laws in 2024

In 2022/23, we delivered successful workshops across Australia. We are now returning to our popular locations for 2024.

Please note: As this is an interactive workshop, it is not offered via video.

Next Available Public Workshops 

Early bird discounts apply, so book early to save. Additional discount codes are available for Strawberry Seed clients, so contact our team for more details.

Fremantle, WA

Monday 26th August 2024 – 10am – 4pm

Sydney, NSW

Monday 23rd September 2024 – 10am – 4pm

Torquay, VIC

Friday 15th November 2024 – 10am – 4pm

Adelaide, SA

We have tentatively scheduled a proposed Workshop for November 2024 – Complete this EOI if you are interested in attending.

What previous attendees had to say!

“I found the way the content was collated and presented most useful and easy to understand.”

” The most useful parts for me were reflections on why we avoid difficult conversations and information on the importance of providing clear expectations. I enjoyed the fun interactive activities. Thank you – it was very enjoyable and has helped me to have lots of ideas.”

“I found the parts on performance reviews, management and improvement conversations valuable. I enjoyed the interactive discussion and activities, real life examples, and Carli’s presentation style.”

“I loved getting new Ideas for team activities, and insight into how to negotiate challenges within teams and individuals.”

“I did enjoy the discussions when there were relevant to the whole group. The activities were also relevant and meaningful. I liked the case studies and engaging with other participants.”