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Robot Army Productions

When we first went into business, we knew nothing about the basics of being a company.  Like most people going starting out, we knew what we were good at and that was it. We knew nothing about being an employer and the responsibilities we had to our employees. That’s where Carli came in, she was a life saver, she just took over.  After a quick chat over a coffee, Carli went away and organised everything while we focused on the business which was very important in the early days.  From here we had employee contracts, procedures, employee pay rates, stuff we never would have known that we were required to provide.

Having Carli only a phone call away as the business has grown has allowed us to expand with the confidence that we are making the right calls and doing right by our employees. Thanks Carli!

Ryan Chamley, Director – Robot Army Productions

Carli Saw

Author Carli Saw

Carli is a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience across a range of industries and a passion for supporting small business.

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