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The Punnett – September 2016

By September 1, 2016Newsletter
The Punnet

Exit Interviews

Do you currently do Exit Interviews with outgoing employees?

When an employee leaves, it is the perfect opportunity to ask them for some honest feedback about their experience working for your organisation. Our online Exit Survey can be emailed directly to your exiting employee and completed on any smart phone, tablet or PC. You will receive a one page report on their feedback.  We can even customise the survey with your branding and specific questions that are relevant for your business.

If you would like to know more about our online Exit Surveys, give us a call on 4216 5200.

Hiring in Geelong?

Have you checked out the Geelong Careers website? As an employer, you can post a free job ad to look for local applicants to fill your vacancies. It is a locally funded and supported initiative and applicants can download the Geelong Careers app on their phone. It is a great starting point for advertising local jobs.

Tattoos in the Workplace

I often get asked questions from clients on whether or not they can set standards on appearance for their employees. Like any form of dress code, you may want to project a particular image to your customers and tattoos or piercings may not be the look you are going for.

Here is an interesting article on the legality of discriminating based on tattoos.  You really need to be consistent and realistic. You should also ask yourself whether it is really important to you as you may overlook a great employee as a result.

Compassionate Leave

A recent case before the courts looked at compassionate leave and the requirements for an employee to provide “sufficient evidence” as proof. This can be a very sensitive area and a difficult conversation for a manager to have with a bereaved employee.

Technically speaking, the NES (National Employment  Standards), employees are entitled to two days of compassionate leave when a member of their immediate family or household dies, contracts or develops a life-threatening illness, or suffers a life-threatening injury, but the entitlement is conditional on complying with the relevant notice and evidence requirements under the Fair Work Act.

Realistically, allowing an employee to use their Personal Leave (which compassionate leave is taken from) to attend a funeral, even if it is for someone that does not meet the definition of ‘immediate family’, is about being a supportive employer. Sometimes the act of forcing an employee to provide ‘proof’ that their loved one has passed away, can damage the relationship and can have a negative effect on your company culture. As an employer, you need to decide if you are setting up a culture where there is mutual respect and trust, or one where you assume that employees are always trying to do the wrong thing. Sometimes showing trust and compassion is what means employees go the extra mile for you.

Carli Saw

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