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If you have lost all self confidence and you think it’s too hard to find a job, Carli from Strawberry Seed Consulting is the lady to see. I had been in my job for 17+ years and it was time for me to move on but I was scared and I had lost all my self esteem.  I called Cali and asked her if she could help me which she did she was fantastic. 

Carli helped me put my Resume together and she also helped me create a Linkedin profile which looks great if I do say so myself but most of all she helped me rebuild my confidence.  If you need your resume done or you need some help getting back into the workforce, Carli is your lady.

Carli Saw

Author Carli Saw

Carli is a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience across a range of industries and a passion for supporting small business.

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