As a small business owner, you want to grow your business by surrounding yourself with trusted advisers that allow you to get on with what’s important. That’s where Strawberry Seed comes in. We set up the policies, processes and systems needed to manage your people through a range of HR Services we customise to your specific needs.

We also work with you to be more proactive in the management of your employees with HR Services such as performance management, training and development, and rewards and recognition. Offering help when you need it, supporting you to manage tricky employee issues or incidents.


Industry Member

With a continually changing employment landscape, keeping up to date with your legal obligations can be difficult. We work in partnership with you, bringing our wealth of experience in Human Resources across a diverse range of industries, getting to know you and what will work best in your environment.

With a range of HR Services, we can set you up and leave you to it, or provide ongoing support and advice, letting you focus on running your business, it’s up to you. Managing your Human Resources has never been so simple, with Strawberry Seed Consulting.

Job Descriptions

We can develop Position Descriptions for each role in your organisation.  We work directly with you and your employees to capture the responsibilities for each unique role.  We can also partner with your management team to set KPI’s that reflect the strategic and financial goals of your business.

HR Planning and Organisational Design

Businesses are evolving organisms that need to grow and adapt to their environment.  We can assist you to take a step back and assess if your organisational structure is meeting the immediate and long-term needs of your business. From organisational restructure and job design through to resource and succession planning, we can work with your management team to strategically plan for the future.

 Award Benchmarking

If you are not sure which Award applies to the employees in your business, how do you know that you are paying them correctly? We can review the roles of new or existing employees to correctly identify which award they are covered by and then provide an audit of their current salary to ensure that it meets a BOOT (Better Off Overall Test). We will educate you on the complex obligations in the Award such as penalty rates, hours of work and overtime so that you can structure your workforce in a way that is cost-effective and risk-free.

 Market Remuneration Benchmarking

You want to be competitive in the market to attract and retain the best employees, but it is not always easy to know where you sit against competitors in your industry. We can benchmark the salaries of specific positions against national and industry Salary Surveys and provide you with a detailed report on where you sit in comparison. We can also put together a detailed Salary Structure for all the positions in your business.

Policies and Procedures

Do your company policies reflect the use of Social Media? Are you aware of your responsibilities to your employees in the prevention of bullying? The employment landscape is constantly evolving with changes in legislation and case law making it difficult to stay on top of our obligations as employers.

We can audit your current policies and assess where you may be at risk. We go beyond the basics with policies that reflect the unique needs of your business. We provide you with comprehensive policies and procedures that are easy to understand and can deliver training assist you in the implementation to your current staff.

Employment Contracts

Too many small businesses still don’t have Employment Contracts in place for all of their staff. The introduction of the Fair Work Act (2009) and Modern Awards resulted in many businesses finding themselves with outdated employment contracts that may be placing them at significant risk. We can tailor an employment contract to meet the specific needs of your business and ensure that you are fully compliant with all relevant employment laws.

Exit Interviews

When an employee leaves, it is the perfect opportunity to ask them for some honest feedback about their experience working for your organisation. Our online Exit Survey can be emailed directly to the employee and completed on any smartphone, tablet or PC. You will receive a one-page report on their feedback. We can even customise the survey with your branding and specific questions that are relevant to your business.

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