Molly Beckett
HR Assistant

About me…

Growing up in a big (and I mean big) family, I’m used to everything being loud and fast pace. My HR career began 22 years ago when I spent almost all of 1999 in my mum’s belly as she worked full-time as an HR Coordinator for a big company.
After finishing year 12 back in 2017, I went on to study a Bachelor of Psychological Studies at Victoria University to become a clinical child psychologist. However, that goal has changed, and I hope to start my masters in secondary teaching next year and become a high school psych teacher.

What I love about my job

I’m getting to learn new things and gain some office experience. I also get to work with my mum and get to know her in a different context. I’m enjoying working with the team and working in an office environment. It definitely helps that the office is across the road from good coffee.

When I’m not at work

I’m the oldest with 4 younger siblings (3 brothers and a sister), meaning I’m helping look after them when my parents need a desperate break from them. This helps me when I babysit for local families and dogsit cute puppies.
Take my siblings out of the equation, I spend most free days cuddling my dogs in bed, watching Netflix, and chasing after the family dog Gizmo when he steals my slippers.
I love coffee, wine, music from 2014, taekwondo, reading and being a local board member for an awesome children’s international organisation called CISV.

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