Emily Messina
HR Advisor

About me…

I began my Human Resources career within a large media company in Brisbane, building a passion for improving organisational culture through HR services. Since then I have worked in the Oil and Gas, Energy and Resources, Not for Profit and the Health industry.

I found that I was passionate about helping people, inspiring me to pursue a Diploma in Applied Social Sciences. I have also had the opportunity to work as a volunteer in South Africa on leadership and development projects for an orphanage and a school as part of my studies.

After a 2-year work break raising my first child and relocating to Geelong, I was delighted to join the team at Strawberry Seed in March 2019 to commence the second decade of my career.

What I love about my job…

Working for Strawberry Seed is such a privilege and provides me with so much variety in my work. I have welcomed many learning opportunities while working with different industries which have helped me broaden my HR knowledge.

I enjoy building trusted relationships with our clients and have had the opportunity to participate in their company hosted activities as a part of helping them grow their business.

The Strawberry Seed leadership and team structure is supportive, flexible and understanding. As a team, I believe we work really well together, have a great laugh, and can relate to each other personally and professionally.

When I’m not at work…

I have 2 children, one 4 year old boy and a 1 year old girl, who keep me busy and entertained. My husband and I often say we feel like hospitality workers and cleaners, spending most of our time bent over picking up toys and floors, with the occasional high five and stand up meeting on the way through. Aside from my Chiropractor profiting from this, we love taking the kids out to the beach, parks, and doing lots and lots of singing Disney songs.

For fun, I enjoy writing and producing music, which luckily I can do with my husband who plays the piano. I also love connecting with my friends and family who live interstate and in Victoria. I love nature walks, cooking, living a healthy lifestyle and any tv show that is supernatural.

Email: emily@strawberryseed.com.au

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