Online Résumé Training Course

Get real advice and résumé examples from a real person. Learn how to get your cover letter and résumé perfectly suited to your job choice. Our web based online résumé training program will make creating your next résumé easy.

Résumé Coach Features

Résumé Coach includes many features which will help you create a winning résumé. We have selected nine of the best features and highlighted them here.

Real Advice

Real advice and real examples from a real person with decades of industry experience. The Résumé Coach online training program will provide advice which is relevant for todays job market. When you get advice from someone about your career, make sure the advice is relevant to you and your prospective job and industry. Résumé Coach will get you job search ready.

Résumé Templates

Download professional résumé examples for a range of occupations and industries. We understand starting from scratch is not easy, this is why our résumé templates make the process easier and more enjoyable. Résumé categories include: administration, trades, finance and accounting, hospitality, retail, graduate and medical.

How to stand out

The online Résumé training program will provide you with the keys to ensure you stand out from other applicants. It will help you understand what potential employers are looking for in candidates. We will help you market (sell) yourself correctly and with confidence.

What to add and leave out in your résumé

Find out what to include and what to leave out of your résumé and how to address tricky situations and gaps. Whether you are a graduate searching for your first full time job or a veteran of 35 years of full time work, getting the right information in your résumé is very important.

Downloads Galore

Do you ever struggle to find the right word to use? You never will again with our “Action Words” resource section. We will help you find the perfect words for every situation in your résumé, you may even discover words you had not even considered.

Job Search Strategies

Our online résumé training program will offer advice on job search strategies to help you find and target the role you are looking for. You’ve heard the saying “find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. We help you realise this dream.

Harnessing Social Media

You may or may not be active on social media, but have you considered using social media to gain an advantage in your search for a job? We will give advice on how to use social media , such as LinkedIn, to your best advantage in job search.

Cover Letter Example Downloads

Our program will show examples of job adverts and how a cover letter should be written in order to apply for the job. Don’t underestimate the importance of a good cover letter as some jobs attract hundreds of applications. A solid cover letter is your first point of contact, so make a good impression.

Australian job market

Why it is important to have an Australian product to learn from? For starters, the Australian job markets differs in many ways to that of the UK or the USA. If you have been searching for online résumé training, most information comes from overseas can can lead you down the wrong track. Résumé Coach has been developed in Australia and written for the Australian job market by someone who has been working in it for 20 years.

For just $55 start the next step in your working career and discover the secrets to creating a great résumé.