What I learned in 2014…

By January 15, 2015 Blog
What I learned

I recently sat down to plan for 2015 and asked myself what I learned in the last year.  I really can’t believe how different things look after 12 short months.  Here are the 3 things I have learned.

1. Life will not always go as planned…

At the start of 2014, I had a plan for my business.  I had started a Women in Business course in 2013 and worked through a process of deciding where I wanted my business to go over the next year.  I thought I was all set to go.

In February I attended a conference that made me look at my business in a completely different way.  I came home and didn’t sleep a wink that night. What I heard that day had made me rethink what I wanted and where I was headed.  It changed my focus and realigned my reasons for working for myself.

Take away: It is OK to change course.  The sky won’t fall in.  It didn’t mean I was wrong before, just that I had more knowledge to work with now.  Just because you set a plan or goal, does not mean you can’t change it if you come up with a new idea or perspective.

2. Support will come from the most unexpected places…

Standing at a networking function early last year, I started a conversation with a guy over a glass of wine.  He was nice and I thought he might be able to assist a client of mine so I caught up with him for a coffee.  He is now helping me to put together some new online products for my business which he has assisted me to take way beyond my own ideas.

I have always believed that networking was important but this year has shown me how powerful it can really be.  I made it a priority last year to get involved in a number of different networking spaces and I have met some amazing people.  The connections I made have led me to reshape my business and go down paths I would never have considered, opening my eyes to new possibilities and opportunities that I never thought were possible.

Take away:  New people bring new ideas and a fresh perspective.  You never know how a new connection may help you so make the time to get to know new people and build relationships.  It is also a great way to make new friends as an adult!

3. No one person has all the answers…

Personal development was a big part of my year, both personally and professionally. I particularly like to explore how others have done things and open myself to new ideas.  During this time I have come across people that believe that their way is the only way and if you don’t follow their model/strategy/system, you will fail.

I share with my clients that no one person will have all the answers.  What worked for one person may be completely wrong for you and the circumstances you are in.  Last year, I began to apply this to myself.  It won’t always make everyone else happy (particularly when they are pushing their product) but doing what makes me comfortable, at my own pace, has reduced my stress and allowed me to set my own path.

Take away: Never stop learning and just because it worked for someone else, does not mean it will be the right path for you.  Explore a lot of different perspectives and don’t be afraid to try something new.

What did you learn in 2014?

A year is a long time in anyone’s life so take a few minutes to sit down and reflect on what you have learned in the last 12 months and how it will help you to move forward.

We would love for you to share with us below what you have learned, either personally or professionally, as you never know how it may help someone else.

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